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A confidential, fast, and easy-to-use cryptocurrency mobile wallet.


Our objective was to develop a mobile wallet app for the Beam Blockchain. The application should contain all the necessary functions of a smart wallet and make payments considerably easier. Aside from that, it must be completely secure.


The application was specifically developed for the Beam Blockchain, using Swift as a programming language. Our team incorporated all necessary functions, including sending, receiving, viewing transaction history, and generating individual QR codes.

The wallet provides complete details on all of your transactions. We have implemented several features to make wallet usage more convenient and practical, such as tap-to-pay with your phone at supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, and more.


We developed a completely safe and functional mobile wallet for Beam. With this application, payments become easier and quicker. Currently, more than 750,000 users are utilizing the Beam Privacy Wallet.

All transactions are private. No information about transaction participants is stored in the Blockchain.

The app is available on the App Store.

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