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Zuum / Zuum Transportation Inc.

Zuum  /  Zuum Transportation Inc. Web Nest.js / Angular.js ZUUM is rapidly growing tech startup with a mission to connect shippers, brokers, carriers and drivers on one platform. The main goal is to optimize logistics with an automated, efficient and user-friendly system which provides huge opportunities for all the logistic chain’s participants. For this, we …

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Wcadi/ Rivulis

WCADI  /  Rivulis Visual Basic (Desktop) The irrigation design software has a wide range of functions for designing large and complex irrigation systems in a fast, easy and accurate way. WCADI allows creating a project with the contour of desired terrain obtained through Google Earth (.kmz file). With the help of program calculations, users receive laterals and …

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Tera Bot/ Business Process Automation

Tera Bot  /   Business Process Automation Scala / Play / Vis.js Chat bots Application for Сhat Bots creation with using of line diagrams. Task: Chat Bots’ dialog designer for Facebook and Telegram. Technologies and Tools: Play Framework, Scala, Vis.js library, AWS. Challenge Nowadays, chat bots are one of the most useful solutions for any industry …

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Spider / Super Duper

Spider  /  Super Duper Vue.js Web / Frontend Frontend part of warehouse optimizing web application with a specific functionality for workers. Task: Implement a smart solution which would provide an ability to control the warehouse working processes and increate the workers efficiency. Technologies and Tools: Vue.js Challenge Inventory and warehouse operations can be a big challenge when …

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pin finds/ PIN FINDS LTD

pin finds  /  PIN FINDS LTD Mobile / Web Swift / Kotlin / Node.js / Vue.js Upload a video, watch other creators videos, tip creators, comment, browse different profiles, search for the content with Augmented Reality Task: User generated content hosting app that incorporates geo location features, with a built in AR-based navigation functionality. Technologies …

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My Rocks/ Aerotrips

My Rocks  /  Aerotrips Unity Mobile Android application that allows setting up and editing interactive live wallpapers. Task: Extraordinary live wallpapers app. Technologies and Tools: Unity 3D, SQLite database, different shaders for graphic effects. Challenge The project’s idea was to implement an application, which would allow users to create high quality live wallpapers in certain …

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Klosterfrau / Klosterfrau Healthcare Group

Klosterfrau  /  Klosterfrau Healthcare Group Xamarin Mobile Optimal application for single pharmacies and small pharmacy networks, which allows users to quickly automate accounting in the area. Task: Simple to use iOS application with all necessary functions for fully automated pharmacy accounting. Technologies and Tools: Xamarin.Forms, SQLite Database, XAML. Challenge Our goal was to create new …

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Irrigation system / D-Fence

Irrigation system  /  Matakama Vue.js / Nuxt.js / Adonis.js Web / Backend WEB application with an ability to monitor and manage irrigation controllers Task: Implement a smart solution for automated irrigation Technologies and Tools: Frontend: Vue.js, Nuxt.js. Backend: Adonis.js. RDBMS: PostgreSQL. Talgil irrigation controllers. Challenge High increment rate of human population brings about the necessity …

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Greenwave / Greenwave Systems

Greenwave  /  Greenwave Systems Swift Mobile / IoT Ability to control different IoT devices through mobile phone. Task: iOS mobile app which allows users to manage all their IoT solutions. Technologies and Tools: Realm, Axon SDK, Swift. Challenge Our customer provides software for Internet of Things and Machine-to-machine (M2M) networks. Nowadays, these products are very …

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