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Pilots secure log book running on smartwatch for even better convenience


Our client is a popular aviation services aggregator. Aerotrips deals with almost everything related to flying. Thus, our work focused on implementing an app for Samsung smartwatches that enables the management of various pilot operating details. It should be user-friendly but has a lot of really useful functions.


We focused on functionality that allows for detailed management of pilots’ activities. We carefully developed each step taking into account all clients’ requests. Our team enabled features to specify roles on the aircraft, aircraft model, time and location of departure/landing, view flight history, track charges, and expenses, and manage licenses and qualifications.

Also, automated recording of flight legs, as well as EASA/FAA format compliance were added. Each function was aimed at the creation of a multifunctional logbook that users can easily access through their smartwatches.


By developing the Aeron Pilot, we have improved the most important factor in the pilots’ work – their safety. Pilots can manage all their activities directly from their smartwatches. The application has permanent secure recording in the Ethereum blockchain. So users have regular access to their flight history on the Android application.

Both we and our client are satisfied with the result and believe that this application will improve the pilots’ routine and move it to a more modern stage.

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