AR Furniture



Unity / Kotlin / Swift



Catalog app with different categories and types of furniture, integrated into augmented reality


It is ideal to be able to examine a product from different angles while making a purchase.  This is especially important for furniture, as it helps visualize how each piece would look in your home.

Our task was to develop software specifically for these purposes.


Using the Unity development platform, we developed two versions of the mobile app (iOS/Android): local and integrated.

The local version offers solely AR functionality. It downloads furniture models from the device’s local storage. Users can manipulate the position, rotation, and sizing of the object in AR space.

The integrated version integrates with native applications on Android and iOS.

On the web platform, users can add new models to the catalog, configure them (change textures, add/remove parts), and use the 3D Viewer.


We now have software that allows us to:

  • see what a 3D representation of a furniture product will look like in a real room using AR technology;
  • upload new models, configure them;
  • view 3D model in 3D Viewer;
  • view model in Cardboard VR.
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