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A software solution for managing innovative security systems and electronic alarm systems.


Since the question of efficient security remains one of the most important for the territories of large enterprises and important locations, the security sector continues to develop its technologies, and our solution is no exception.

Our customer is dedicated to creating software that can be used for security purposes in conjunction with smart security devices.


We developed a web application to be used in conjunction with D-Fence security sensors.

The idea is that the user can control all the security sensors using a single application. Moreover, the sensors can be configured for the needed area. The user only needs to select an area on the map (or set coordinates) and link sensors to them.

Thus, the sensors operate in the territories to which they are linked. If the sensor detects some movement or intruder in the zone, the user receives an alert. Then, the alert can be set as “acknowledged” to make sure the alert gets noticed. Also, the status of the zone can be changed with a few clicks directly on the map.

Aside from the WEB application, we have implemented two mobile apps.

  1. One is used for monitoring alerts and getting notifications regarding alerts or intruders.
  2. The other is a public one and is used for reporting incidents.

We decided to use the MQTT protocol for communication with security equipment (controllers), and the Cesium library for displaying maps.

The current solution works with ONVIF cameras, Invision NVRs, Provision NVRs, and Hikvision NVRs.


We developed an excellent security solution, both for small private areas and large enterprises.

The core functionality of the software we developed is its ability to effectively interact directly with key security elements, such as sensors.

An important feature is that users can manually select system distribution zones on a 2D or 3D map, receive real-time data, and interact with surveillance cameras.

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