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Optimal application for single pharmacies and small pharmacy networks, which allows users to quickly automate accounting in the area.


Our goal was to create new pharmacy accounting application with tools that automate all carried out operations: from products ordering to checks processing and delivering to the buyer.

We aimed to bring together the various elements of pharmacy management and greatly facilitate the work of all employees.


For development, we used Xamarin.Forms, as well as XAML. SQLite database served for data storage.

In the process of developing the app, a maximum of the requirements and wishes of customer were systematized and taken into account.

All necessary functions for pharmacy accounting were added – every detail is available for monitoring.

Our team took great care of application practicality, we think such application type should be simple to use, but helpful enough.


Now we have a management system that covers all major pharmacy workflows.

Specialized, fully adapted to the task of automating business processes in pharmacies, ready to use app.

It allows users to correctly form the assortment and organize the document flow between the customer and the supplier, compare the prices of medicines from different suppliers, create an order, send and receive the invoice in electronic form, etc.

Now, the application is successfully used by International Klosterfrau Healthcare Group.
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