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A fast and convenient way to order jewelry company products with just a few taps in the messenger.


Our client aimed to create a simple solution that allows customers to shop conveniently online, replacing the need to visit a store.

Since various messengers are now starting to take precedence in popularity and some aspects are beginning to replace surfing in the browser, our client wanted to seize this opportunity to create a new place where customers can buy the company’s jewelry.


We developed Telegram and Viber chatbots that guide users through a selection of suitable jewelry after answering a few questions. The desired jewelry can be ordered right in the same chat just indicating the phone number. Then administrator will receive all the information about the product and the customer’s contacts. Also, clients can get answers to frequently asked questions and view current product promotions.

In addition, we took care of the store employees. The bot includes functionality for cashiers, facilitating orders through a QR code system. This greatly simplifies the work of an offline store.


We made it possible to buy jewelry through Ukraine’s most popular messaging platforms, Telegram and Viber, where this chain of stores operates.

Directly in the messenger, customers can get information about the jewelry assortment, choose sizes, place orders, and even check promotions. All of this can be done with just a few taps on the screen.

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