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Cross-platform desktop application with special functionality for Cycliq bike cameras.


Our customer is a producer of bike cameras.

Cycliq’s primary goal is to make cyclists’ ride on the roads safer.

Our mission was to empower Cycliq cameras by developing special functions for video recording and processing.


We developed the app for both Windows and Mac.

Xamarin Shared Project is used for a larger coverage of system functions. The code contains classes and methods for working with camera settings, FFmpeg, video processing logic, Strava API (using Strava C# SDK), maps (Mapbox static maps), YouTube (using the C# YouTube SDK), Facebook (using the Facebook C# SDK), interfaces for drawing, saving application settings, etc.

Platform-specific code (UI, drawing) is implemented using WPF for Win and Xamarin.Mac for Mac. Authorization to access and work with Strava, YouTube, and Facebook APIs is carried out using OAuth 2.0 protocol with the help of browser navigation.

UI for Mac is generated using Xcode Interface Builder, and for Win – using XAML markup. The data for the video overlay is provided by the Strava API tools from the recorded activity (training).


The software enables users to control camera settings (quality of shooting, settings of light indications, etc.), cut or merge video clips recorded by the device, and create a visual overlay (which contains the athlete’s performance and location on the map at a specific point of time) on the final video.

The software also provides the opportunity to view the lists of processed video files and upload them to social networks. 

Thousands of satisfied customers utilize this functional application. We are happy to see that our software enhances the security of bicycle trips and also allows users to watch high-quality recorded videos.

Remember, when road users know they might be recorded, they’re less likely to engage in risky behavior. And if an incident occurs, they’ll have the evidence to prove what happened.

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