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Web application that provides the ability to process, edit and send email templates.


Despite the huge popularity of various instant messengers, emails remain still useful nowadays. However, the standards of perception of received emails have changed: an ordinary user or potential client is more likely to want to interact with a well-designed email than with one that consists only of plain text. This is where email builders come to the aid of senders.

Our task was to create an email template builder with all the necessary features for easy creation, editing, management, and sending of templates


Our team developed a web application that provides a lot of opportunities for email templates creation. With a help of integrated WYZIWYG editor, users can easily design email mockups with no coding skills required. Different types of fonts and stylizations, attachments, dark/light, desktop/mobile modes and number of other tools are available.

In addition, we implemented a Version Control system so that users can manage all editions of the templates, which is a super useful feature for those who always keep changing their templates


At the end, we got a multifunctional email template manager application. Used tech stack and implemented functionality allows business owners or marketers significantly cut down the dependencies on developers and designers, providing an easy option of creating and managing email templates without being tech savvy.

In addition to the usual functions of an email template builder, our application allows users to control the versions of the created mockups, send the created templates, view the sending history, as well as search and filter among the created stuff.
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