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Mobile / Web

Swift / Kotlin / Node.js / Vue.js

Upload your videos, watch content from other creators, and tip creators, comment on videos, browse various profiles, and search for content using Augmented Reality.


Our client came up with a fascinating idea – to create a new type of social network that would change the current trend of fast-consuming content.

The idea was to use augmented reality and geopositioning to closely connect the real and augmented worlds.


We developed AR-based applications for both iOS and Android.

Many details were considered during the project’s development. We took care of both; content creators and users experiences, providing user-friendly ways of using different parts of the app.

Every step, from video uploading to content navigation, was meticulously planned.

Special attention was given to complex location calculations on the server end to guarantee the proper operation of the application’s primary feature, which links and then searches/filters uploaded videos according to users’ locations.

Moreover, the developed video compression system (using FFmpeg) serves as an important part of the app allowing us to compress the videos with minimum quality loss.

The AR component of the application is particularly noteworthy, as it provides visual directions from the user’s current location to the desired video.


We have introduced a new way of consuming content with the Pin Finds video-sharing platform, offering a fresh option for social media.

With AR functionality at its core, Pin Finds allows you to upload videos, watch content from other creators, tip creators, comment, browse various profiles, search for content using AR, and more. All these features are available in Pin Finds.

Our team believes that the app’s key feature—viewing videos in their specific locations with AR guidance—has the potential to be used in many new and innovative ways around the world.

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