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 Business Process Automation

Scala / Play / Vis.js

Chat bots

An application for creating chat bots using line diagrams.


Today, chatbots are essential solutions across industries, serving specific business functions.

Chatbots easily solve the problem of time-consuming frequently asked questions for employees.

We aimed to develop an application that allows the creation of chatbots for different purposes and with different functionality.


The app was developed using the Scala programming language, Play Framework, and Vis.js library for web diagrams.

The application allows the creation of bots for Telegram and Facebook, using line diagrams for writing the chatbot’s logic.

Users must define the entire dialog flow, including the questions to ask, the answers to provide, and the actions to perform in response to specific messages—essentially, the complete bot logic.


Ultimately, we created a useful chatbot designer with detailed functionality for bot creation where users can manage every bot’s step.

TeraBot is an innovative approach to save time and create a virtual business assistant. This is an effective solution for marketing, sales, alert services, informative guides, and much more.

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