Zuum / Zuum Transportation Inc.

Zuum  /  Zuum Transportation Inc. Web Nest.js / Angular.js ZUUM is a rapidly growing tech startup with a mission to connect shippers, brokers, carriers, and drivers on a single platform. The main goal was to optimize logistics with an automated, efficient, and user-friendly system that provides huge opportunities for all the logistics chain’s participants. To …

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HackerU / ThriveDX

HackerU  /  ThriveDX Backend / Web / Frontend Vue.js / Nest.js  Web application that provides the ability to process, edit and send email templates. Task: Implement a simple-to-use email template builder with wide range of functions for templates management. Technologies and Tools: Vue.js (Vuex, Vuetify), Nest.js, Grapes.js, Kafka.js, Nodemailer, EJS, WYZIWYG Challenge Despite the huge …

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