Klosterfrau / Klosterfrau Healthcare Group

Klosterfrau  /  Klosterfrau Healthcare Group Xamarin Mobile An optimal application for single pharmacies and small pharmacy networks that allows users to quickly automate accounting. Task: A user-friendly iOS application equipped with all necessary functions for fully automated pharmacy accounting. Technologies and Tools: Xamarin.Forms, SQLite Database, XAML. Challenge Our goal was to create a new pharmacy …

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Cycliq / Cycliq Products Pty. Ltd.

Cycliq  /  Cycliq Products Pty. Ltd. Xamarin Desktop Cross-platform desktop application with special functionality for Cycliq bike cameras. Task: A desktop application for Windows and Mac that allows setting up Cycliq Fly 12CE/6CE bike cameras, and processing and editing videos taken from these devices. Technologies and Tools: Xamarin Shared Project, Xcode Interface Builder, Mapbox static …

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