Working on Digital Graffiti Software System

We are currently working on Digital Graffiti software. Digital Graffiti is an excellent way to expose your creativity and spend time with friends. There is no need to buy the paint, there is no chance to spoil the furniture and you can always undo the last action. This guarantees that you will get the excellent drawing after all.

Oct 01, 2015

Mobile Companion Application for Bluetooth-powered Fitness Trackers

Working on mobile companion application for fitness trackers, heart rate monitors and several other types of wearable electronic devices. PtoTrack_Fitness

Oct 07, 2014

Working on Photo Wall Software for Touch Panels

Hey, we are working on PhotoWall software which will run on large touch panels istalled in public places (night clubs, exhibitions, supermarkets etc.) PhotoWall can take user's photo and provides a way for sharing photos via social networks or via email. Thinking about white labeling it for customers. PhotoWall

Sep 29, 2014

SMS Slingshot Released

We've just released the new version of our SMS Slingshot. Now it uses iPod Touch 5gen with larger and brighter screen, has less movable parts, can detect tension force and works faster! See more details at DigitalMoo. SMS Slingshot

Aug 12, 2014