pin finds/ PIN FINDS LTD

pin finds  /  PIN FINDS LTD Mobile / Web Swift / Kotlin / Node.js / Vue.js Upload your videos, watch content from other creators, and tip creators, comment on videos, browse various profiles, and search for content using Augmented Reality. Task: Develop a user-generated content hosting app that incorporates geo-location features and includes built-in AR-based …

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Greenwave / Greenwave Systems

Greenwave  /  Greenwave Systems Swift Mobile / IoT Ability to control different IoT devices through mobile phones. Task: An iOS mobile app that allows users to manage all their IoT solutions. Technologies and Tools: Realm, Axon SDK, Swift. Challenge Our customer provides software for the Internet of Things and Machine-to-machine (M2M) networks. These products are …

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Face matching app / Internal project

Face Matching  /  Internal project Swift / Python / OpenCV Mobile A mobile application that can identify a celebrity you closely resemble. Task: Create a modern celebrity face-matching app. Technologies and Tools: Server: Python, OpenCV. Client: Swift, Objective-C, C++, TensorFlow, OpenCV, DNN, Google Firebase Vision. Challenge Our task was to create a mobile application that …

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BEAM Wallet / BEAM

BEAM Wallet  /  BEAM Swift Mobile / Blockchain A confidential, fast, and easy-to-use cryptocurrency mobile wallet. Task: A functional mobile wallet designed for Beam cryptocurrency. Technologies and Tools: Blockchain, Swift Challenge Our objective was to develop a mobile wallet app for the Beam Blockchain. The application should contain all the necessary functions of a smart …

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AR Furniture / IDECIMA

AR Furniture  /  IDECIMA Unity / Kotlin / Swift Mobile AR Catalog app with different categories and types of furniture, integrated into augmented reality Task: iOS and Android AR-based applications for modern selection of furniture and WEB applications for system configurations Technologies and Tools: Unity, AR Foundation (AR Core, AR Kit), Cardboard VR, Kotlin, Object-C, …

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